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Please find a short list of products we stock below.
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  • Disc Brake Parts - Disc Pads
    (Race Brakes, Bendix, Protex, Lucas), Disc Rotors (RDA, Protex, Brembo, EBC)
  • Bonded & Exchange Brake Shoes
  • Clutches for all applications including - Car, 4wd, Truck, Agriculture, Performance, Centrifugal, Pressure Plates Clutch Plate, Thrust Bearings, Spigot Bearings & bushes
  • New & Reconditioned - Master, Slave, Wheel, Cylinders
  • Brake & Clutch Cylinder Seal Kits
  • Air Brake Parts - Valves, Relay valves, Emergency valves, Control valves and Switches
  • Truck Brake Parts including Springs, Bushes, Pins, S cams, Slack Adjusters, Drums Linings Rivets, Air Bag Suspension components
  • New & Reconditioned Vacuum Brake Boosters
  • Commercial Brake Components - Brake Pads, Woven & Mouldable Lining, Brake Drums, Calipers, Discs, Cylinder Kits
  • Trailer Parts - Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electric & Break away systems
  • Air Conditioning Parts - From Cars to Earth Moving Equipment
  • Suspension Parts - Springs, Shock Absorbers, Bushes, Ball, Tie Rod Joints and Rancho Shock Absorbers
  • High Performance Parts - Ignition & Fuel systems, Suspension Components, Engine Components, Brake Components
  • Large Range of Castrol Products - Oils from 5L - 205L, Filters
  • Batteries
  • Welding Equipment & Consumables

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